CEPF Donor Council Terms of Reference

The powers and duties of the Donor Council shall include:

  1. Providing general guidance to Conservation International (CI) on the operations of the Fund;

  2. Reviewing and approving each Annual Spending Plan of the Fund;

  3. Reviewing and approving a priority list of Ecosystem Profiles to be prepared;

  4. Reviewing and approving each Ecosystem Profile;

  5. Reviewing and approving amendments to the Operational Manual;

  6. Reviewing and approving the procedures for procurement of goods and services, above the threshold amount set forth in the Operational Manual;

  7. Reviewing and approving the conditions under which new donors may be invited to take part in the Fund and approving additional members of the Donor Council;

  8. Reviewing and approving the fund-raising strategy for the Fund;

  9. Electing the chairperson of the Donor Council.

* These Terms of Reference were approved by the CEPF Donor Council on 14 December 2000.

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