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Meeting a Critical Need
Current trends in natural forest logging, particularly in the tropics, threaten biodiversity as well as vital ecological functions, such as watershed protection, carbon storage and climate stabilization. Less than half of the world's original tropical rainforests are still standing, and only 20 percent of the world's original total forest cover is left in large, undisturbed tracts.

In partnership with the forest products industry, retail businesses and conservation organizations, we are creating policies and business practices that reduce the impact of industrial forestry activities and support biodiversity protection through regional conservation planning and corridor development.

The Forests Dialogue
As part of The Forests Dialogue, we are working with conservation organizations and timber and paper companies to develop a framework to adopt and implement biodiversity commitments and address key issues of international concern. more

Instituto BioAtlântica
We have joined Instituto BioAtlântica in its "Conservation on Private Lands" project, a partnership with Brazilian cellulose companies Aracruz and Veracel, the US Agency for International Development, and conservation organizations The Nature Conservancy and CI Brazil. more

Office Depot
Conservation International has formed the Forest & Biodiversity Conservation Alliance with Office Depot, the worlds leading reseller of paper, along with The Nature Conservancy and NatureServe to demonstrate that conserving biodiversity and meeting consumer demands for paper products do not have to be mutually exclusive. more

Sustainable Forestry Board
Through our involvement with the Sustainable Forestry Board, we have worked closely with industry leaders, including International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and MeadWestvaco, to strengthen biodiversity conservation standards for industrial timberlands and worldwide fiber procurement. more


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