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Our partnership with the band Pearl Jam is focused on several Conservation Carbon projects that are supporting reforestation efforts in Ecuador’s critically endangered rainforests and protecting Madagascar’s last remaining primary forests. These efforts are helping to conserve biodiversity, reduce greenhouse emissions and promote sustainable livelihoods.

  • In 2008, Pearl Jam offset its CO2 emissions from the band’s 2007 concert tour. The offsets again came from the Ecuadorian carbon offset project that will help to restore degraded tropical forests in the northwestern part of the country.

  • In 2006, Pearl Jam offset emissions associated with the band’s 2006 concert tour, which was used to restore almost 30 hectares of degraded tropical forests in northwestern Ecuador. As this regenerated forest grows, it will absorb more than 6,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the next 30 years, provide habitat protection for endangered plant and animal species as well as direct support for local communities.

  • Pearl Jam also offset the 5,700 tons of CO2 emissions generated by their 2003 concert tour through an investment in CI’s Conservation Carbon program. This funding supported a joint project between CI and the Wildlife Conservation Society to protect rain forests in northeastern Madagascar.

  • In 2002, Pearl Jam performed two benefit shows in Seattle in an effort to raise money for several non-profit organizations, including CI, with the intention that the funds would be used to establish a replicable model for other bands to become "carbon neutral."
  • For more information on Pearl Jam, click here.


 Photo credits for banner image: (Zebras in Botswana) © CI, Chris Brooks