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Press Relases May 31, 2007

Save Your World and Conservation International Partner to Save Rainforest in Guyana

Company pledges every product sold saves one acre of rainforest for one year

Washington, DC - Save Your World is the first personal care products company in the United States to ensure that for every Save Your Skin and Save Your Hair product sold, one acre of tropical rainforest is protected for one year.

To make this happen, the company has partnered with Conservation International, a leading environmental organization with conservation programs worldwide that in 2002 signed an innovative agreement to lease 200,000 acres of rainforest located along the upper reaches of Guyana’s largest river, the Essequibo.

“Save Your World is committed to protecting our world’s natural resources for future generations,” says President Scott Cecil. “We believe that people can live in harmony with nature. Our Save Your Skin and Save Your Hair brands combine natural, quality personal care products with conservation objectives. Our company’s pledge is: One Product = One Acre of Rainforest Saved for One Year.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Conservation International pays the government’s Forestry Commission exactly what it would have received had the area been logged. But instead of losing its trees, the area is protected and kept in its pristine state – a conservation concession rather than a timber concession. Through donations to this project, Save Your World is helping to pay the annual royalties and fees required to maintain Conservation International’s agreement with the Guyana Forestry Commission.

“Save Your World’s commitment to conservation and interest in our work continues to help us in the fight to save endangered places and improve the lives of those who live there,” said Conservation International’s Chief Economist Dick Rice.

Save Your World products are currently sold at finer organic, health food, and drug stores across the United States as well as through New distributors are welcome.

About The Organizations:

Conservation International (CI) applies innovations in science, economics, policy and community participation to protect the Earth’s richest regions of plant and animal diversity and demonstrate that human societies can live harmoniously with nature. Founded in 1987, CI works in more than 40 countries on four continents to help people find economic alternatives without harming their natural environments.

Save Your World Founded in 2006, Save Your World is a company made up of family and friends who share a passion for preserving the world’s natural resources for future generations. Save Your World, under the brands Save Your Skin and Save Your Hair, launched the first Yerba Maté-infused, 100% natural personal care product line in the U.S. with a mission to Save Your Rainforest through the product pledge of “Every Product Sold Saves One Acre of Rainforest for One Year”. While saving your rainforest, you save your skin and hair with handcrafted, paraben-free, pH-balanced products rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Save Your World goes to extra lengths to ensure that products are made in an environmentally sensitive manner and pledges that fair trade practices will always be our policy, that no animal by-products will ever be used, that we will not test on animals, that raw materials will be bio-degradable, and that packaging will be of recycled or recyclable materials. For additional details about Save Your World, Save Your Skin, Save Your Hair, and Save Your Rainforest, visit

Katrin Olson
Manager, Corporate Communications, CELB


Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB) provides a new forum for collaboration between the private sector and the environmental community. Created in partnership with Conservation International (CI) and the Ford Motor Company, CELB operates as a division of CI and is governed by a distinct executive board of leaders from the business and environmental communities-engaging the private sector worldwide in creating solutions to critical global environmental problems in which industry plays a defining role. For further information about CELB, please visit


Katrin Olson
[email protected]

 Photo credits for banner image: (Zebras in Botswana) © CI, Chris Brooks