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BP Conservation Programme
(Partners include CI, WCS, FFI, BirdLife, BP)

Brigham Young University: B.A., Anthropology
Brandeis University: M.A., Sustainable International Development, Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Robyn Dalzen is a Manager with the BP Conservation Programme, a partnership between CI, the Wildlife Conservation Society, BirdLife International, Fauna and Flora International and BP. Based at CI, Robyn facilitates the relationship between CI and the other program partners.

The BP Conservation Programme aims to contribute to long-term environmental conservation in priority areas by encouraging and engaging potential leaders in biodiversity conservation, and providing opportunities for them to gain practical skills and experience. This is achieved through a comprehensive system of grants, advice and training. Among other things, Robyn manages the alumni network for the program, providing small grants and ongoing support to young conservationists globally.

Before coming to CI, Robyn worked for the Conservation Strategy Fund, a non-profit organization that provides training in economics and policy analysis tools for conservationists from tropical regions. During her time there she worked on a consultancy project for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and CI's Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS) analyzing global training needs and opportunities for conservation practitioners. Robyn has a love for travel and the environment, and is passionate when it comes to experiencing new cultures and finding commonalities between people of all places.


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