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Finance Coordinator

Liberty University: B.S., Business Management

Edith Mahi handles budgetary issues for Conservation International's Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB). She tracks revenue and expenses, handles all financial paperwork, creates financial reports for donors and custom Oracle reports for CELB directors, and works with the directors to manage their budgets. All incoming and outgoing grants and related agreements with partner organizations go through her, and she tracks all contracts through the contract development and approval process and monitors all grants agreements (internal and external) and consultant/vendor contracts. Edith works with the finance director and other Conservation International programs and departments to define and improve contracts, grants and other financial procedures.

Before coming to CELB, Edith worked for the Africa and Madagascar division of Conservation International (CI) as an Operations Coordinator. Working closely with the Senior Director of Operations in managing budgets, Edith created operations procedures to help new employees within the department and put together financial reports for Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) grants. One of her accomplishments there was working with the West African embassies to ensure that they understood the importance of endorsing CEPF grants and the need to contact GEF representatives in their home countries to secure endorsement letters.


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