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How to choose the best pickleball shoes for you?

If you really want to have a good experience when playing pickleball, you have to make a good choice of pickleball shoes. If you decide to play pickleball in your regular shoes, there is a likelihood that you will have a hard time.

Wrong shoe choice can affect your pickleball playing performance. Apart from affecting your performance, playing on your regular sneaker can pause the risk of getting injured easily. If you have put in enough time to choose the right paddle to play pickleball, you have to put in the exact strength when you are looking for the best pickleball shoes. Pickleball is a game or sport that requires participants to have comfortable and supportive kind of shoes. With the constant movement of the game, you definitely will need to be comfortable. Your performance will start with the shoes that you choose and the paddle that you have. The right pickleball shoes are designed in a manner that they can minimize discomfort as well as give you enough stability. That way, you will be able to reduce injuries and you will perform comfortably. To choose the best pickleball shoes, below is what you should do.

Find the right fit

The best pickleball shoes are the ones that will fit you comfortably. When making selections especially when you are buying online, it is very easy to get lost in shoes with popping colors. The color scheme works for pickleball players but also, you should consider looking further than the colors. It is very important to ensure that the shoes that you choose fit you properly. Apart from that, the shoes should provide proper support and the traction that you need. When selecting the right and best fit for you, below is what you should look for.

  • There are two types of pickleball shoes: There are indoors pickleball shoes and outdoor pickleball shoes. Decide on which one is suitable for you first. If you are playing pickleball indoors, you can use shoes similar to what players of games like badminton use. Shoes for a squash player can also be suitable for indoor pickleball playing. The sole of indoor pickleball players has non-making gum features of their rubber sole. If you want to play pickleball outdoor, you will have to look for shoes that resemble tennis player shoes. The shoes should feel visibly bulkier but they should never be uncomfortable. The reason for going for such type of shoes is to be able to absorb the hash concrete surface of the playing ground.
  • The features that matter a lot: When you are looking for the right fit, you should also concentrate on the features of the shoes. Check very keenly to make sure that the shoes you are about to select can offer you stability and also comfort. You should also look for the durability of the shoes because you won’t be looking for new shoes each and every time that a match pops up. Another great and important feature never to be left out is the weight. During the play, it is important that you be able to move around comfortably. That said, the shoe should be of reasonable weight allowing you to move around comfortably.

The price

The price will also determine the best pickleball shoes for your gaming career. I mean, there are so many manufacturers who are offering different pickleball shoe material with different qualities and a price quotation. The best pickleball shoe for you is that one that you can afford. You should never strain too much because you want to buy a shoe that is above your budget. To deal with the price issue well, come up with a budget, decide on how much you are willing to spend then start looking for a shoe based on what you can afford. You can as well find a suitable shoe that is within your budget.


Pickleball shoes are made from different materials. When considering pickleball shoe material, it all depends on how you would wish your shoes to last. There are shoes made from a material that is long lasting and those that are made from materials that are not that durable. Decide what you want then go choose a pickleball shoe. If it is a one-time game shoe, the material doesn’t matter that much but if you would love the shoe to serve you for a longer period, you will have to look for a material that will be durable. It all depends on what you want.

Extra technology

Instead of just choosing any shoes, you should always remember that your game will depend much on the type and kind of shoe that you have to add on the paddle. You should, therefore, look for extras that your shoe can offer to make you as comfortable as possible. Some of the extra technology that you should be looking for include extra toe reinforcement, additional innersoles, anti-slip compounds and moisture absorption fiber among other additions.


Whatever pickleball shoe that you decide to choose, make sure that you are safe. That is, wear a shoe that will not give you unnecessary injuries. When you buy new shoes, always try them out before you pick on them. Make sure that they are comfortable, fitting, can offer you enough support and are flexible enough. All that can be achieved when you choose the right shoes fit, within the right price range and having extra or additional technology.

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