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How Can We Protect The Environment We Leave You Some Tips

How can we protect the environment? We leave you some tips

Caring for the environment is a task that has become a priority not only for public administrations but also for those of us who see how the planet earth has been undergoing drastic changes.

Actions To Take Care Of The Environment

This is why, from the Heat Pump Promotion Plan, being an environmentally friendly technology that significantly reduces CO2 emissions, we want to share some tips that can be useful to take care of planet earth:

Separate The Garbage


Recyprotect the environment ideascling is very important, so much so that in Madrid, a campaign has been launched, called “Get it right with the organic“, which seeks to encourage the inhabitants of approximately 12 districts of the capital to separate their organic waste and deposit it into the container. brown lid. With this, the administration seeks that in 2020 50% of domestic and commercial waste can be destined for reuse and recycling.

Turn Off The Lights

Getting used to turning off the lights that we are not using is also an action that everyone at home and at work can take and, of course, using daylight can reduce energy consumption in our homes.

Save Water From The Cistern

It is estimated that in 2050 there will be a water shortage if we continue at the same rate of growth of the world population and we do not begin to make a rational consumption of water as soon as possible. It is crucial that we become aware of the misuse or waste of water as a saving measure, not only at an individual level but also to contribute globally to preserving this necessary and precious asset.

Among the most basic, but less frequent measures to save water at home is the consumption of our cistern. We often focus on other cost-saving practices, such as doing full washers instead of half loads, not hosing down the floors, opting for a shower instead of a bath, or installing faucets that reduce flow; we forget that many liters of water flushed down the toilet are also “consumed”.

Avoid Leaving Appliances Plugged In

The mobile charger, the television, the PC, among other devices, which when they are turned off continue to consume energy, so when they are not in use, it is important to unplug them.

Close The Taps Correctly And Take Care Of The Water

Save and use water efficiently by turning off the tap, and checking that there are no leaks. For the UN, water is the epicenter of sustainable development and global socio-economic development and points out that to date water scarcity already affects 4 out of 10 people.


Without a doubt, it is one of the simplest ways to counteract how much we “dirty”. In the article where we discussed practices to reduce pollution, such as avoiding the use of plastics and saving water consumption, we said that waste management is crucial, easy to carry out and that it is one of the main ways we have at our reach, individually to be respectful with the environment.

There are few localities in the country where this practice cannot be carried out: deposit household waste in separate containers. It is important to understand and pay attention to the information and regulations on recycling measures, and share it with family, friends, neighbors. It is necessary to separate glass, plastic, paper, organic remains, medicines, footwear and clothing, furniture and junk, electrical components (light bulbs, batteries, CDs…), and used oil. We have at our disposal, in most cases, specific containers, clean or green points, and home collection services through the town halls. There is no reasonable excuse not to separate and recycle, and uncivil behavior such as leaving garbage on public roads or depositing it in the wrong containers should no longer occur.

Take Your Own Bags To The Supermarket

Now at home or at work, reusable bags abound, so taking one to the supermarket is not a difficult task. Something that can undoubtedly remind us that we must avoid the use of plastic bags since the production of these requires the use of approximately 12 million barrels of oil, their degradation takes approximately 20 years.

Generating small actions from our daily habits can bring about great and positive changes to planet earth and the technology of the Heat Pump contributes significantly to this.

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