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Benefits of Installing Secondary Glazing

For many years, homeowners have been using single and double glazing technique to be able to reduce noise in their homes among other uses. But unknown to them, there is another technique which is much more effective as far as the performance of a modern-day window is concerned. It is referred to as secondary glazing which involves the installation of supplementary glazing inside an existing window which has been having a double or single glazed.

Secondary glazing is easier and when it comes to cost, it tends to be cost effective than having to replace your existing windows and you can do it on your own at a low budget. But the pros of letting the installation to be done by a professional are greater as this will allow the windows to last at least for 10 years and it will be done as per your specifications.

Benefits of Secondary glazing include:

  1. Noise Reduction: One of the main benefits of this technique is due to its efficiency when it comes to reducing the noise which normally finds its way into the house. When you use this method, it is capable of reducing the noise up to 80% if you compare it to other methods.

Bearing in mind that there are many homes, which tend to buffer various forms of noise pollution, such as planes, traffic noise, airports, and traffic, when you installing this glazing type to your windows, it might be the best solution of ensuring that the noise is blocked. When the windows are secondary glazed, as compared to other abilities to block noise, it stands out due to certain factors. One of the factors is the distance between window panes.

Secondary glazing uses two glass pieces with a distance of 100mm and above while double glazing tends to use sealed gas units which are about 28mm apart. The glass type also contributes to how the noise reduction is done. The secondary glazed uses 6.4mm laminated glass translating reduction of noise to up to 40 decibels.

  1. Cost: When compared with the replacement of the original window. When you use double glazing, for example, you will be required to completely replace the units during the installation process. The gap between the panes has to be filled or be airtight with inert gas and you cannot do it on your own.

For the secondary glazed type, you don’t have to completely replace a new unit. All you have to do is to install supplementary units on the inside of the ones which are existing in the window panes. To add to that, it is easy to install and you can do it on your own using a DIY kit or you can as well get professionals from VidroGroup to do the job so that, the work is done perfectly well to the exact requirements.

  1. Increased thermal efficiency: The secondary glazed windows have the capacity to reduce the heat which is lost from the house. And that is why one of the reasons why homeowners are currently replacing the single glazed windows with the secondary glazed is to ensure that heat loss is reduced from the house. It is important to remember that, windows are the main area where heat escapes from the house.

Secondary glazed windows when used as a method of reducing heat loss, work miracles. The 4mm glass which is the standard measurement is able to eliminate heat loss through the window as the method is airtight. If the right installation is done, this method will be able to keep the house warm when it is cold and can be able to reduce energy bills while at the same time, adding value to your home for potential buyers.

  1. Boosts home security: Windows which are secondary glazed could also improve your home security by offering an extra barrier. It becomes hard to open a window that is secondary glazed from the outside. What this means is that, if for any reason an intruder is able to go through the main window, the secondary layer will prevent them from entering into your house as it will be hard to break through. When you are installing the secondary glazed window, use hard to break glass for safety like the toughened or laminated glasses, which will improve your window’s security.
  2. Convenience: You don’t have to replace your windows meaning, the process is not subject to building regulations. And thus, you can use the method easily without the need to go through time-consuming and approvals which are expensive for building controls. But it is important to remember that, if your property is in for some specific building regulations, it is possible that you have to seek approval before going ahead with the secondary glazing.
  3. It is environmental friendly: When you glaze windows, you conserve the environment. This is due to the fact that the process is able to improve thermal efficiency by the reduction in heat loss and in the process, the amount of energy which is consumed.

The uPVC which is used in the process is also produced by the use of aluminum. Aluminum is well known to use less fossil fuel. Unlike other replacement, this particular one doesn’t encourage throwing away the old window which could in the process contribute to landfill. What happens is that the old is extended by the addition of a new layer.

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