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Tips For Traveling In An Ecological Way

10 tips for traveling in an ecological way

Making your holidays greener is possible thanks to simple tricks: the travel consultants of CartOrange, the largest Italian Network of Travel Consultants, suggest them: “More and more customers are attentive to respecting the environment even when they travel – say the CartOrange travel consultants -. These are small daily gestures which, however, together can make a difference in protecting the environment.

10 things to do for a 100% (or almost) environmentally friendly holiday

1) Choose accommodation facilities that are attentive to the environmental impact.

CartOrange consultants help select hotels in destinations with catering projects with short-chain organic products, energy efficiency, and water-saving. The requests are growing.

2) Do not get caught up in the “lightness” of the holiday spirit and be careful of waste in small daily actions.

Behaving with the same attention that you would have at home. So turn off the light when you leave the room and do not waste water when taking a shower thinking that “we don’t pay for it anyway”. At the buffet, avoid overfilling your plate without eating the contents.

3)  Travel light.

It is possible to travel in a more“ green ”way even by taking the plane. For example, by trying not to have too many suitcases – say the consultants. The heavier the baggage, the higher the aircraft emissions. Besides, traveling with less luggage is much more comfortable.

4) Prefer travel by bicycle or public transport.

“A solution increasingly appreciated by travelers is to choose means of transport with a low environmental impact to reach their travel destination, such as the train. And to move with ecological means once there, in particular by bicycle, on foot or by public transport. Public, which allows, among other things, to come into contact with the locals. For the more trained, bicycle or trekking tours are becoming more and more popular.

5) Turn off your pc and other devices.

When not needed, turning off the PC and other devices is an action that allows the battery to last longer but it is above all a way to consume less energy to recharge them.

6) Tickets on your smartphone.

E-tickets allow you to avoid paper waste. “There are several smartphone applications that allow you to load all the tickets we need while traveling without having to print them. Not only do you avoid wasting paper unnecessarily, but it is also much more comfortable and safer to carry around.

7) There are small actions that can reduce pollution.

In particular, on the beach, it is useful to have a do-it-yourself ashtray to avoid leaving the butts lying around: the decomposition time ranges from one to two years.

8)  Don’t change towels every day.

When you are in the hotel, replacing towels every day has a high environmental cost: «We recommend that you be” thrifty “in the use of towels in the bathrooms and avoid replacing them every day. Water is a precious element, especially in some countries of the world ”

9)  Reuse plastic bottles.

“There are small habits that help create less waste. In particular, no country is immune from the problem of plastic pollution. So we recommend particular attention to the use of this material, equipping yourself with water bottles to be reused by filling them from the tap, if possible. Or from a dispenser. Plastic bottles can also be reused multiple times. It is also important to throw waste into separate collection containers ».

10) Prefer local products.

A good way to support the local economy is to try as much as possible to consume local products both in terms of food and souvenirs.

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